All about me just for once

That title probably makes you think that I have a huge sense of personal entitlement in life. But that’s really not the case and I want to put that straight right at the start of this new blog that I have created.

When I say it’s all about me just for once, what I’m actually saying is that most of my life is taken up dealing with other people and there just isn’t much time left for me at the end of each day. I’m not being selfish here, but I am a parent of two young children which means I’m constantly having to deal with them, I work almost full-time around them, including into the evenings and I have family members who need help as well.

On top of that I have a friend who’s in trouble at the minute I’m spending all my spare time trying to help them as well.

So starting this blog is away from me to vent a little and get things off my chest a bit. And when I say it’s all about me just for once, I mean that I can sit here and just indulge in getting my thoughts out into the larger world just for my own benefit. Apologies if that means it sounds like I don’t want you to read this blog, or I don’t care if you do, but in a way it’s the truth.

If me writing this blog sounds a bit selfish, then oh well, but the truth is I am really writing it for me. I don’t really mind if anybody reads it and if somebody does, well I hope that they benefit from some of the things that I say, but I’m not making any promises on information I’m going to partake. But just maybe some of the tribulations I am going through can be explained here to help others.

At the end of another long day, I’ve written this and pasted it into the editor on my new blog account. It feels good to do something just myself, and I’m hoping I can blog every few days to keep you updated, and more importantly get things off my chest every few days so that I can move forward in my busy, hectic and stressful life with just a little less weighing down on my shoulders.

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