Beginning is always the hardest part at the end

Today was not the greatest day I’ve ever had. I’m not saying it was horrendous or the worst there has been, but I’m going to go through in a bit of detail you can see what happened. I suppose I want to ask the question to people who are reading this: is this a typical day for most people?

If it’s not, then just maybe I need to have a look at how I can change the life I have around me, because at the moment I’m really struggling with it.

I was so exhausted I woke up late and didn’t really realize the time, by the time the kids were into me and distracting me, time drifted by more quickly than I thought and we ended up doing the school run late. This really put me in a bad mood and wasted the more time as I had to take the kids in through different doors at the school.

Then I rushed off to work and worked for 6 hours. Then I rushed back to pick the kids up from school then took them back home. I then had extra work to do, and I was rushing around trying to do that on my computer while trying to deal with the kids homework and meals, just too much going on.

I have a beautiful new MacBook and I use it to do extra work on. I was rushing around and dropped it, cracking the screen. So on top of everything else today, I’ve now been sitting here searching the local companies who can do a MacBook retina screen replacement quickly.

So an hour was spent looking for MacBook screen replacement services while also trying to do normal work, and deal with kids and everyone else. I managed to find one that that had a the screen parts in stock.

By the time I fell into bed at 11 o’clock I was absolutely exhausted. So my question to you, and myself is does this seem like a typical day? And do other people keep this up to 5 days a week, and then have to deal with kids full-time on the weekend as well? All while still trying to fit in a basically full-time job, plus extra work in between all that?

I suppose I’m just wondering if I’m the only person on earth you never actually has any down time to spend on themselves?

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