Retail is just like life… Full of detail

I been working in retail for a little more than a year now. In that time of come across all sorts of people who are customers and dealt with all sorts of strange situations.

I will admit I’ve made some errors and I’ve also on the other side of that coin made some customers very happy. At times I have lost my patience and at times I have been ecstatic. No two days are the same and in some ways it’s very reflective of life in general.

One of my pet hates is the way that some customers treat retail workers, and hospitality workers in general pretty much as inferior in terms of some sort of second-class citizen. The disdain and coldness at times is frightening. I can only think that these people were brought up by equally ignorant parents.

But a lot of people ignore those little details in life and just focus on themselves and the bigger picture all time. They don’t ever stop to think about those little things which can make or break somebody else’s day. Recently watched a young lad being completely attacked in McDonald’s because he had given a customer the wrong change. You would have thought he had held a knife to that person’s throat and threatened to kill them the way that he was being attacked. I think people take out their frustrations on people they know can’t retaliate.

That’s a pretty sick attitude to have to life and people around you, but it does seem to be pretty common. Perhaps it’s part of modern life?

In other news, I’ve sourced the company in Los Angeles who can deal with my MacBook Pro retina LCD screen replacement problem, that I talked about in this blog post. I’m really pleased because on top of all the anxiety that I’m suffering, having my pride and joy cracked has been really stressful.

I suppose it’s really odd that my MacBook is my pride and joy, but when you work so hard, you feel you have to have something to show for don’t you? Well, I do anyway. But I suspect I’m not in the minority on that, and that’s the reason why we live in a consumer driven society and why people are so prepared to be wage slaves and accept the exact things that I have detailed above in order to earn that money.

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